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Thursday, May 03, 2012

5 reasons to start gardening
Burpee Home Gardens | 2 Comments

Incorporate gardening into your life

Gardening has been a favorite pastime for generations. Whether you’re growing vegetables, fruits or flowers, there are many reasons to incorporate this popular hobby into your life. It can give you a sense of accomplishment, help you connect with nature, do great things for your environment and so much more. Our top five reasons for gardening are:

1. For beauty
2. To save money
3. To relax
4. For exercise
5. For health

For beauty – Colorful flowers and flourishing gardens are one of the best ways to make the exterior of your home look beautiful. Gardening not only can make your neighbors green with envy, but also help to maintain your home’s curb appeal and value.

To save money – No need for a trip to the grocery store when you can pick fresh garden herbs and vegetables straight from your backyard! So put your wallet aside and enjoy your affordable, homegrown goodies.

To relax – Even though maintaining a garden can be hard work, it actually can be quite relaxing. There’s nothing better than kicking back in the garden, connecting with your environment and taking in the fresh air for a little tranquility and peace.

For exercise – Gardening is a fantastic way to work on your endurance, flexibility and strength, all while burning extra calories. What better way to work out than to incorporate an outdoor garden activity!

For your health – Homegrown vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Plus, they simply taste better because you’ve grown them yourself! Having a garden-fresh snack right at your fingertips is not only convenient but healthy, too.

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Reader Comments (2)

I agree with your top 5 reasons with the execption of saving money. Most peoples gardens are not large enough to benefit from the economy of scale needed to make gardening more economical than buying produce (not including the cost of the gardener's time).
Since saving money is possibility and not a certainty, a good substitue reason would be "the joy of nurturing". Most gardeners would agree that the first thing they like to do after getting up in the morning and upon returning home from work, is to check on the state of the garden and see how their "babies" are doing :-)
Thursday, May 03, 2012 | dickoz

It's so theraputic as well! A few years ago I was pregnant with my 2nd son and from the start there was a question of if he would survive -- many issues they saw in-utero with his kidneys and lungs. The only time I was able to really escape my fears about the outcome was to get out in the garden and concentrate on pulling weeds/watering/etc. That summer I had the best garden I've ever had and was the only peace I experienced through the whole ordeal.
That October my son was born and is no 7 years old! He has many health fragilities over the years but now with a new kidney he is doing fantastic. I credit gardening and praying for getting me through that difficult summer. Now we garden together and this summer will be a great garden too!
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 | Sherie

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