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~Fun Fact~
People of many cultures going back to ancient Greece have used thyme to flavor cheeses and liquors.

A: Charlotte, NC – Hidden Valley Elementary School (March 13)

B: Atlanta, GA – Charles R. Drew Charter School (March 15)

C: Birmingham, AL – Jones Valley K-8 (March 19)

D: Baton Rouge, LA – Redemptorist High School (March 21)

E: Houston, TX – Ridgemont Early Childhood Center (March 25)

F: Dallas, TX – St. Philips School and Community Center (March 27)

G: Lancaster, CA – Tierra Bonita Elementary (April 2)

H: Santa Paula, CA – April 6

I: San Francisco, CA – Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (April 12)

J: Portland, OR – De La Salle North Catholic High (April 15)

K: Tacoma, WA – McCarver Elementary School (April 17)

L: Salt Lake City, UT – Escalante Elementary (April 22)

M: Denver, CO – Inner City School (April 25)

N: Kansas City, MO – Briarcliff Elementary (April 27)

O: Des Moines, IA – Moulton Extended Learning Center (May 1)

P: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-8 Magmet (May 3)

Q: Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee High School of the Arts (May 6)

R: Chicago, IL – Arnold Mireles Academy (May 8)

S: Flint, MI – Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary (May 10)

T: Cleveland, OH – Watterson-Lake (May 13)

U: Washington, DC – Friendship Public Charter School Tech Prep Academy (May 15)

V: Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Community High School (May 17)

W: Philadelphia, PA – Discovery Charter School (May 23)

X: New York, NY – Brentwood High School (May 21)

Y: Doylestown, PA – May 28

Re-Live the Grow Anywhere Tour !

The Burpee Home Gardens® “Grow Anywhere Tour” completed its cross-country tour and shared healthy food, plants and easy gardening ideas with schools nationwide. The Burpee Truck visited 23 cities and gave away 30,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and 13,000 vegetable plants to people living in “food deserts,” where fresh food can be hard to find.

What a wonderful success! Click on each city name to see video highlights of the Burpee Truck visits. Learn. Plant. Grow.

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