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About 'I Can Grow'
'I Can Grow' Guide for Educators
I Can Grow Youth Curriculum
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~Garden Quote~
“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”

Lesson activities for youth gardening educators.

As the interest in youth garden programs rises, so does the need for useful and fun curriculum guides and activities. In partnership with Burpee Home Gardens, the National Gardening Association has developed the “I Can Grow” guide for educators, and now expands that resource with individual lesson activities.

These educational guides cover a range of subjects with activities rooted in the ground and in the world around us.

Click on the images to download each "I Can Grow" youth curriculum activity.

Bean Beginnings

Objectives: Lifecycle & Identification

Students will recognize that seeds are living organisms and that living things have a lifecycle. Students will dissect seeds and be able to label parts of dicotyledon seeds by function as well as proper name. (768kb) Download Bean Beginnings

Sunshine Power

Objectives: Photosynthesis

Students will discuss the function and process of photosynthesis within the leaf of the plant. Students will estimate the number of chloroplasts on a leaf and determine their function. Students will examine leaf stomata and be able to relate their importance for plant growth and development. (717kb) Download Sunshine Power

‘Shoe’ Me How to Classify

Objectives: Plant Classification

Students will examine the life cycle of plants and understand the importance of classification. (1.1MB) Download 'Shoe' Me How to Classify


Objectives: Weather, Plant Development

Students will examine and conduct scientific investigations related to weather and will be able to describe how weather affects plant growth and development. (605kb) Download Weather

From Farm to Fork

Objectives: Understanding Sustainability

Students will increase their understanding of renewable and nonrenewable resources and how the proper use of these natural resources will result in sustainable systems. Students will examine sustainable agricultural practices and determine personal practices that will increase sustainability within their local region. (754kb) Download From Farm to Fork

Soil Symbiosis

Objectives: Soil Nutrition, Plant Development

Students will understand that soil particle size will affect how a plant grows and develops. They will observe “Liebig’s Barrel” concept and be able to explain why the most limiting nutrient will determine the plant’s overall productivity. Students will examine the bacteria Rhizobium with a microscope and convey its importance in nitrogen fixation. (630kb) Download Soil Symbiosis

About the Author: National Gardening Association (NGA), founded in 1972, is a national non-profit leader in plant-based education for adults and young people. Its mission is to promote home, school, and community gardening as a means to renew and sustain the essential connection between people, plants, and the environment. For more information, please visit or
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