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~Fun Fact~
Onions make you cry because they are full of sulphuric chemicals, which irritate your tear ducts. Sulphur is the same gas which is produced by volcanoes when they erupt.

This planting season, say “I Can Grow” with Burpee Home Gardens.

“I Can Grow” is our national program to support a new, popular interest in home vegetable gardening among younger and novice gardeners. This new generation of gardeners is looking for fresher, more nutritious food and is feeling the need to connect with their community and nurture their environmental responsibility. They’re also finding personal satisfaction through home gardening – and are saving money on their grocery bill as well!

The “I Can Grow” program will focus on these four areas of interest – The Four E’s

  • Education – through community and youth gardening projects across the nation in 2010. Educators: learn about developing and sustaining youth garden programs in the FREE "I Can Grow" Guide and Youth Garden Curriculum Activities developed by Burpee and the National Gardening Association. Home Gardeners: get the FREE 32-page Garden Fresh gardening guide, full of inspiration and information to help you learn how to make your garden grow.
  • Eating better – learn where your food comes from, and understand the benefits and values of adding fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Look for Burpee Home Gardens’ line of nutrient-rich vegetable and herb varieties in garden-ready plants at garden centers nationwide this year.
  • Environment – Home grown food production reduces food’s carbon footprint.
  • Economy – Supplement your food bill with our ongoing tips and tricks that help gardeners get the most from their vegetable gardens and save money.

At the Burpee Home Gardens website, consider us your online resource for vegetable garden care, recipes and inspiration. Through our blog filled with expert gardening contributors, stay up-to-date on gardening news, receive timely gardening reminders, and follow the “I Can Grow” program throughout the planting season.

Happy Gardening!
Burpee Home Gardens “I Can Grow” Team

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