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Choose the right tomato
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~Fun Fact~
Eggplants are members of the potato family.

Choosing the right tomato

With more than 6,000 varieties available to plant in your garden, selecting the right tomato can be a little overwhelming. Burpee Home Gardens has removed most of the guesswork by selecting the best tried-and-true varieties, but some tomatoes are better for specific uses than others. There are varieties for paste, salsa, salads, sauces, soups and best of all, for eating fresh on sandwiches and burgers.

Here’s a foolproof chart showing the best uses for your Burpee Home Gardens tomatoes.

Variety Days to Harvest Fruit
Better Boy 70-75 M IND    
Big Beef 73 L IND      
Big Mama Hybrid 80 S IND      
Brandy Boy Hybrid 78 M IND  
Burpee's Big Boy® 78 M IND  
Bush Early Girl 63 S DET  
BushSteak Hybrid 65 S DET  
Celebrity 72 M DET  
Champion II 65 L IND      
Early Girl 59 S IND  
Fourth Of July 49 S IND  
Fresh Salsa 65-75 S DET    
Lemon Boy 72 M IND    
Napa Grape Hybrid 65 C IND    
Old Time Tasty 70 M IND      
Steak Sandwich Hybrid 70 L IND  
Sungold 65 C IND    
Supersteak Hybrid 80 L IND  
SuperTasty 70 M DET  
Sweet 100 70 C IND    
Sweet Seedless 70 S IND  
Tomatoberry 80 C IND    
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