Apr 27, 2010
Say it with us: ‘I Can Grow!’
Jessie Atchison  Burpee Home Gardens Brand Manager, 2008-2010

Schoolchildren learn about vegetable gardening and healthy living at the NY Botanical Gardens

The past week has been a busy one for the Burpee Home Gardens team, as our national “I Can Grow” gardens program kicked off big-time with events in New York and Dallas! Look for photos and posts about those events later this week, or you can head to our Facebook fan site.

So what's "I Can Grow"? It's our way of helping build confidence among new gardeners and encouraging them to get their hands dirty! In addition to providing ideas, inspiration, and how-to advice, we want to support all the things that make gardening great – and make great gardeners.

With “I Can Grow,” we focus on four big reasons people might decide to pick up a trowel and grow some of their own food. We call them the “4 E’s” ...


  •  We’re sponsoring school and community gardening programs nationwide to help teach kids where food comes from.  Bonus: these kinds of gardens bring people together to do something good for themselves and their communities.
  • Have you signed up for your free Garden Fresh veggie gardening guide yet? If not, go here!

Eating Better
  • Grow it yourself and it tastes better and travels less distance to get to you. Simple enough!
  • Homegrown veggies reduce food’s carbon footprint.
  • Look to us for ongoing tips and tricks to help you get the most from your vegetable garden and save money on the family grocery bill.
Whatever your reason for gardening, we think it’s a good one, and we want you to be successful. After all, gardening isn’t just about “me” or “you” – it’s about “us”!

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