Winter is time for planning

Kid Power, Inc. - 2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

After closing down our gardens for the winter the students have been able to focus on lessons about how plants grow, sustainable agriculture techniques, and plan ahead to the spring about what they would like to plant.

Our students were so encouraged this Thanksgiving by serving vegetables they grew themselves to their families that we are working backwards – from recipes to garden – to decide what they want to plant this year. A favorite snack of the students is sunflower seeds so they are looking at growing sunflowers to try harvesting and roasting their own seeds. They also really enjoy Lasagna, so we will be looking to plant eggplants, tomatoes, basil and oregano.

By working this way we hope to move forward with the development of our cookbook. The students will develop recipes, grow the vegetable ingredients, and then cook the meals for themselves. We are then putting the recipes together in a recipe book for the students to bring home to their families to encourage more vegetable consumption at home. Look out for their developing recipes in the months to come! ~ Katherine Harvey, Veggie Time Director for Kid Power, Inc.

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