5 tips for small-space gardening

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gardeners know that no matter how big or small your garden space, there's always room to grow something spectacular. Gardening in small spaces can be very simple and enjoyable. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when growing plants, flowers or herbs in these tiny locations. Here are five key success factors for small-space gardening:

  1. Spacing - Ensure your pot or container is large enough for the items you are growing. For example, tomatoes need at least 12 inches of soil to grow nice and tall.
  2. Watering - Be sure to water your plants more frequently in containers. The soil is more compact and needs additional moisture. Don't forget proper drainage, too. 
  3. Soil - Use quality potting soil instead of topsoil (too much clay). Most of these mixtures include fertilizer so your plants and flowers will have pre-fed soil all season long.
  4. Pruning - Plants and flowers in small spaces need to be groomed frequently in order to give them room to grow. Be sure to prune every couple of days.
  5. Sunlight - If you're keeping your growing friends indoors, they will need adequate sunlight for proper nutrition and growth.

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