Jul 3, 2012
Move over, meat!
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Summer and grilling go hand in hand

Summer and grilling go hand in hand. When firing up the grill this Fourth of July weekend, don’t forget that fruits, veggies and herbs are great for the grill, too! Here are some delicious, imaginative ideas to spice up your meals this holiday week, and all summer long.

  • Use rosemary sprigs in a new way — as the skewer for your kabobs! Add an extra savory flavor to shrimp, scallops and chicken, as well as your favorite vegetables and herbs, when skewered by this versatile herb.

  • Grilling on a cedar plank isn’t just great for fish. Grill veggies on a cedar plank for an equally healthy side dish that is infused with flavor.

  • Who says fruit can’t get in on the grilling action? Sliced pineapple and peaches are just a few varieties of fruit that can be grilled for enhanced flavor.

  • Roast your favorite homegrown vegetables for delicious pizza toppings. Then, grill the pizza — crust and all — for a one-of-a-kind, fire-grilled dinner.

  • Season meats and seafood with a basting brush made from herbs. The infusion of herbs and olive oil will reinforce flavor in dishes.

Check out the Burpee Gardens Pinterest PageMake sure when you use the grill that you are following appropriate safety procedures. Grill in an outdoor space, and make sure that you are not under any kind of roof or overhangs. Once you’re finished grilling, turn off propane tanks and grill burners, and clean up drippings or spilled oil to prevent fires. Gardening and eating the harvest are family activities, but kids should be kept away from the grill at all times.

Check out these recipe ideas and more on our Pinterest page. Happy grilling!

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