Jul 8, 2016
Flavor your water with blueberries and basil
Tiffany Heater  Account Manager | Burpee

Are blueberries still in season in your neck of the woods, or do you have a surplus left over from that Fourth of July barbeque? Here is a recipe sure to beat the summer heat and keep you hydrated out in the garden this weekend.

Just toss a few sprigs of basil fresh from the garden (we like the flavor and great texture of these basils in our lineup: Dolce Fresca or Sweet Italian Large Leaf) and a handful of blueberries in a carafe of water and chill in the fridge before serving. For best blueberry flavor, crush a few of the berries by giving them a good squeeze before tossing them into the pitcher. Water can be replenished for up to 2 days before the fruit starts heading south.


Basil tip: When harvesting, snip basil sprigs just above a set of leaves. This will keep your basil in the garden looking fresh and will stimulate it to grow bushier! Find more tips on growing herbs at our podcast series “How Do I Grow That?”

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