Fall gardening – it’s totally a thing

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Thursday, August 11, 2016

The gardening season with Burpee is slowly winding down. But even though your kitchen counter is full of fresh produce, the fun doesn’t have to end when Labor Day hits! In most climates you can plant now in your warm summer soil to get a fantastic harvest of cool-weather-friendly veggies into the winter.

We actually find gardening on cooler days very enjoyable! There’s fewer weeds, less insect damage and more moisture than during hot, dry summer months. In addition, cool temperatures hold vegetables in the garden better so you don’t have to rush to harvest.

While vegetable choices for gardening in fall may be limited, they’re usually rich in vitamins and hearty in texture and flavor for all those delicious recipes perfect for chilly days, like soups, stews and roasts. And don't forget a great supply for kale smoothies!

Below is a list of a few of our favorite crops to try. You can find them now at your favorite garden centers or order seeds and plants through the Burpee catalog.

Brussels Sprouts
Collards & Kale

In the North you’ll want to plant fast-finish crops that are ready for harvest before a strong frost arrives. Leafy lettuce greens grow super-fast – you can harvest in just a few weeks and keep coming back for a month or more. Herbs are another great choice. Plant them in containers so you can quickly move them indoors, or place them in a protected area when frost is predicted. You can also cover larger fall beds with an old bed sheet at night (just remember to remove it in the morning for access to the sun).

In the South it’s much more flexible. All of the items listed above can be planted now for an all-winter harvest. They love the cool temps and can even take some frost.

So give fall vegetable gardening a try! We’re here all year long to answer your questions, or be sure to check out our Garden Help Library for more tips for success.

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