Grow a pizza garden

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It’s always a good idea to grow what you eat. So why not start a garden for one of the most popular menu items – pizza! It’s a great edible garden theme for new gardeners looking for easy ingredients to grow themselves. If you have the space, you can even plant the veggies and herbs in a large “slice” triangle pattern or go full-round for even more interest (see photo below from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension office).

For the basics of a pizza garden be sure to include the following in roughly a 6 ft. by 4 ft. space:

2 Roma tomatoes (for homemade sauce of course!)
1 Slicer tomato or a Cherry-sized variety
2 Sweet Italian Basil
1 Oregano
1 Sweet Bell Pepper
1 Hot Pepper
3 Onion

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