Weather watching

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Thursday, May 4, 2017

We know you're excited to garden. Waiting all winter and through the unpredictable spring to the days you're given the GO for planting (aka the frost-free date) it feels like forever! Patience is definitely a virtue in the garden, as most plants really require warm temperatures and even watering to establish well in the soil.

Every green-thumb gardener knows to watch the weather forecast to give their plants the best chance for success. The university of Vermont has a helpful resource here to explain all of the weather-related terms and what to watch for to have a safe gardening experience.

Keep that weather eye on the sky in case of late-spring frosts (time to cover your seedlings with a sheet for the night), rain storms (pick those cherry tomatoes before they split from too much water), or dangerous winds (move those containers indoors so they don't blow away). Weather reports can also warn you about UV exposure and pollen count so you stay healthy in the garden, too!

Southern gardeners, you're on your way to garden growth. Northern friends, it won't be long now! But everyone can agree that a heads-up from Mother Nature means a successful season.

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