Gardening soothes the soul

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here at Burpee we want everyone to enjoy their time in the garden, so we’ll continue to offer tips and advice that make you successful, not stressful. We’re firm believers that gardening soothes the soul ... and several university and federal studies now have the proof: The social and health benefits of plants, gardens, trees and nature are real.

Whether it’s indoor houseplants that clean the air, or gifted flower bouquets that speed up post-surgery recovery in hospital rooms, plants make us better people. Research has also shown that green spaces have reduced crime in cities, and that spending time outside – even in the cold – improves memory and attention (University of Michigan, December 2008).

Visiting community gardens or your own backyard can cut your stress and minimize heart disease, due to the boost in exercise and activity. And the folks at Harvard University found that flowers in the home lead to more compassion towards others, less worry and anxiety, and less depression (Harvard, September 2006).

There are so many reasons to grow your own food and enjoy a colorful garden, but now knowing how such a positive effect plants have on our well-being, we hope you’re more inclined to give gardening a chance.

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