How to make a fruit fly trap

Tiffany Heater - Account Manager | Burpee
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fruit Flies? Gross! We’ve all been there. One old banana or pear gets lost at the bottom of the fruit bowl and suddenly you see something tiny flitting around the bowl. You smash him with your hands (after many failed attempts) and get rid of the offending fruit but days later his friends still continue to linger. Sound familiar?
Now that tomatoes are coming out my ears, it’s not just tomato season, it’s also sauce, jam and soup season! Tomatoes usually hold several days after picking on the counter, but if you’ve had a little rain or you drop one on the floor, one can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly over night.
This was the situation I was facing earlier this week. I remember seeing natural remedies for fruit flies, and a quick Google search kept popping up the DIY project below. I just want to tell you it works and share it with the world!


Fruit Fly Trap Components:

- A small jar or vase
- Apple cider vinegar
- Dish soap
- Card stock

Fill the bottom of your jar with about 1-in. / 2.5-cm of apple cider vinegar, add a couple drops of dish soap, and shape a small funnel out of a piece of card stock. I stapled my funnel with just one staple and fit it into the top of my vase. It doesn’t have to fit perfect or look perfect. Then just set it to rest in the area you had fruit flies buzzing around and you’re done! They were gone the next day for me. I think I will keep the trap around a little longer until I am finished harvesting and processing my tomatoes this year.

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