Our Top 10 for 2018

Burpee - Edible Gardening Team Members
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Burpee plant team is very excited for this new year of gardening. We can't wait to share tips and advice for 2018. Whether you're new to growing your own food, or a seasoned gardener looking to expand your tastes, Burpee has unique and exclusive flavors to make your vegetable garden a success.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day just around the corner, we'd like to list what we love! Look for (and ask for!) these delectible selections from your local garden center this Spring. They're choices from our plant experts: full of taste and easy garden performance.

Top 10 for 2018

  1. Take 2 Combos. Two plants that play nice together in the same patio container. Maximize your growing power!
  2. Dragon Roll Shishito Pepper. Grow this fun appetizer pepper in your own garden. Impress your guests at dinner.
  3. Gold Standard Sweet Bell Pepper. This is one massive bell! Green-to-gold goodness with an excellent disease-resistance package.
  4. SteakHouse Beefsteak Tomato. One of the world's largest beefsteaks.
  5. SuperSauce Paste Tomato. Easy to grow, easy to peel and cook! A must-have if you're planning to can this season.
  6. Pesto Party Basil. Survives disease pressures and is very late (to never!) flowering. Perfect for pesto and other recipes.
  7. Fourth of July Slicer Tomato. Impatient for tomatoes? Choose this one for the earliest harvest of sun-ripe fruit.
  8. Meatball Eggplant. For those meatless dishes, you'll enjoy its texture and richness.
  9. Jalapeno Gigante Hot Pepper. A large-size jalapeno that grows easily in patio containers. Salsa, stuffing or poppers, it's amazing.
  10. Fresh Pickles Cucumber. Borrow Grandma's pickle recipe, this one's going to have you sharing jars with neighbors and friends.

It may be February, cold and probably snowy, but it's the perfect time to visit your local independent garden center. Share your wishlist and strike up a conversation! The more they know what you want to garden with, the more chance they'll carry it when it's safe to plant in your area. Find a store now, and look forward to gardening with Burpee.

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