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Patchwork Cosmic Burgundy

Distinctive Patchwork "wows" with unique patterned flowers.

Distinctive Patchwork "wows" with unique, patterned flowers all season long. Brilliant colors make high-impact garden displays. A strong performer in shady containers and landscapes, Patchwork is easy to grow.

Spacing: 10-12in (25-30cm)

Height: 10-16in (25-41cm)

Width: 12-14in (30-36cm)

Exposure: Part Sun - less than 4 hours of sun each day

Patchwork™ Cosmic Burgundy

Plant in full shade or filtered light. Fill with soil around plant. Water immediately, then as needed to keep soil moist.

There is no need to remove faded blooms but 'leggy' plants benefit from being pinched. Fertilize regularly and keep well watered.