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Jolt Cherry

A heat-tolerant dianthus that delivers Shocking Summer Color!

Jolt delivers Shocking Summer Color! This interspecific heat-tolerant dianthus provides a powerful surge of season-long performance and electrifying color. Its easy-care maintenance and habit makes Jolt gardener-friendly.

Spacing: 10-14in (25-36cm)

Height: 16-20in (40-50cm)

Width: 12-14in (30-35cm)

Exposure: Full Sun - 6+ hours direct sun

Jolt™ Cherry

Plant in the early spring in an area of the garden that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Water thoroughly to establish the plants.

Fertilize the plants with a light, monthly application of fertilizer, but be careful not to overfertilize or the plants will produce more leaves and less flowers.