Herb Mixes

Tuscan Trio

Herb combo!

In this recipe-ready herb collection you'll find parsley, basil and oregano — the basics of Italian cooking.

Exposure: Full Sun - 6+ hours direct sun

Tuscan Trio
Your Burpee Home Gardens herb combinations should already arrive planted in containers. Be sure to place your planter in a sunny location, and that the container has proper drainage. Herbs are all about leaves, so water as needed, especially during the summer months as containers can dry out quickly in the heat. You can add organic material and fertilizer to encourage regrowth as you snip fresh young leaves for recipes.
Water as needed all season to keep soil evenly moist, keeping your eye out for the first sign of wilt. Wilting is a sure sign that your parsley needs water. Feed with a vegetable fertilizer to ensure your bountiful harvest.
Harvest herb leaves and flowers as needed throughout the season. When harvesting basil, cut it back to about 1/4 inch above a node, which is where the branch meets the main stem. Be sure to leave enough foliage on your plant so it can continue to grow.