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Indoor Herbs

Sassy Sage

This herb has aromatic foliage and blue flower spikes.

It makes a showy addition to your windowsill herb garden. Fresh or dried leaves add flavor to sausage, stuffing, salad and soup. The leaves are best when harvested before or just after blooming.

Water: Medium Water

Fertilize: Once a month

Spacing: 24-36in (61-91cm)

Height: 18-24in (46-61cm)

Width: 14-18in (36-46cm)

Exposure: Part to Full Sun 4+ hours of sun each day

Sassy Sage
  1.  Remove sleeve and place pot near a window.
  2. Keep soil moist but not saturated. Feed often with your favorite plant food.
  3. Clip leaves when needed to add Fresh Flavors to your cooking.
Clip leaves when needed to add Fresh Flavors to your cooking.

In Summer it's easy to take an instant snip of fresh herbs with a quick run to your garden or patio. Now with Burpee's Fresh Flavors indoor herb collection, that convenience doesn't have to end in the cooler months.We've specially selected herbs for growing indoors, and provide you tips on planting, lighting and watering.

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