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Extra-sweet and juicy with a delectable aroma, these melons are good right down to the rind.

Ambrosia melon is an exotic melon hybrid that might be confused with a cantaloupe, but it’s quite different. Its flesh is very sweet, tender and pale orange in color with a flavor described as “a combination of all melons plus flowers.” These melons prefer full sun and require an inch of water each week. It’s best to grow them on some kind of support or trellis and you’ll know when they are ready to eat because the melon will slip off the vine.

Spacing: 24-36in (60-90cm)

Exposure: Full Sun - 6+ hours direct sun

Fruit size: 6in (15cm)

Days to harvest: 86

Growth: Indeterminate

Melons take some space to grow and vine, so leave enough room for them to spread. Grow in rows spaced 2 to 4 ft. (91 -121 cm) apart or in "hills" with groups of 2 or 3 plants per "hill".  Melons can also be trained to grow on a trellis or fence to save space.

Choose a sunny location (6+ hours of sun) and dig a hole about two times as wide as your pot.

• Remove your plant from the pot by loosening the soil and tipping it out into your hand. Place your plant in the soil about as deep as it was in the pot.

• Refill the space around your plant with soil and press lightly to compact the dirt, keeping your plant firmly in the ground.

• Water immediately to settle the soil, and add more soil as needed, bringing it level to the rest of your garden.

Melons need a constant supply of water, and particular attention should be paid during summer dry spells. They are rarely bothered by pests and disease. It's best to rotate your melon crops each year ensuring that you are not planting melons in the same spot each year.
Melons need to ripen fully on the vine and do not ripen well after they are harvested. Melons develop a wonderful fragrance when they are ready to pick – you can't miss it. The fruit should slip easily from the vine and the blossom end should feel soft to the touch.
Melons will last a week or more in the refrigerator.
Melons are delicious and refreshing summer snacks as well as a gourmet breakfast and dessert specialty.
Legend has it that cantaloupe seed was brought to America on one of Christopher Columbus's voyages.