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Fruit & Vegetables

BOOST Collection

Gold Standard

The attractive fruit have light green skin and light gold-toned flesh.

With excellent eating quality, 'Gold Standard' can produce five times the amount of beta-carotene of other garden cucumbers.* The attractive fruit have light green skin and light gold-toned flesh. Good for pickling as well as eating fresh.

*Based on cucumbers grown under our trial conditions, harvested when ready to eat and peeled. Actual harvest results may vary.

Spacing: 12in (30cm)

Height: 18in (45cm)

Width: 60in. (152cm)

Exposure: Full Sun - 6+ hours direct sun

Fruit size: 6-8in (15-20cm)

Days to harvest: 49

Growth: Indeterminate

Gold Standard

Planting instructions for the vegetable varieties in the BOOST Collection can be found at the following links:

New BOOST is a collection of truly unique, tasty vegetable varieties selected for higher levels of antioxidants than other home garden vegetable varieties. They're the perfect fit with your active lifestyle and quest for higher nutrition! BOOST is sure to be the most talked about and exciting innovation in the home vegetable garden in years.

Nutritional Features

'Gold Standard' Cucumber

  • 500% more beta-carotene

'Sweet Heat' Pepper

  • 65% more vitamin C

'Healing Hands' Salad Mix

  • 20% more lutein
  • 30% more beta-carotene
  • 30% more carotenoids
  • 70% more anthocyanins

'Cherry Punch' Tomato

  • 30% more vitamin C
  • 40% more lycopene

'Power Pops' Tomato

  • 55% more lycopene
  • 40% more carotenoids

'Solar Power' Tomato

  • 300% more beta-carotene

'Tasti-Lee' Tomato

  • 40% morelycopene

'Mighty Sweet' Tomato

  • 45% more lycopene

(Comparisons based on results of product grown under our trial conditions and compared to other home garden varieties. Actual results may vary.)