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Apr 30, 2010
‘I Can Grow’ at the New York Botanical Garden
Jessie Atchison  Burpee Home Gardens Brand Manager, 2008-2010

Last Thursday, April 22, was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day – and we hope you had a good one! Our team certainly did, as our first “I Can Grow” outreach started at the New York Botanical Garden, where hundreds of New York City schoolchildren learned about the lifecycle of plants. We were happy to provide Burpee Home Gardens tomato and red pepper plants for them to pot up, take home, and nurture for themselves. It all happened at the NYBG Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, where the staff and volunteers are doing great a job teaching kids about the joy of growing things.

We certainly hope that, by the end of the season, those kids are enjoying fresh-picked tomatoes and peppers that they grew themselves! The first step to growing gardens is to grow gardeners, and that’s what we’re hoping to do by helping kids learn how cool it is to eat food from their own backyards … or community gardens … or balconies!

Our thanks to the New York Botanical Garden for a fun-filled day. We’re looking forward to coming back out to visit when NYBG’s Edible Garden event kicks off in June!

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