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May 3, 2010
Garden theme: plant a rainbow garden
Jessie Atchison  Burpee Home Gardens Brand Manager, 2008-2010

A vegetable garden can be just as colorful and pretty as one filled with flowers. This is a great idea for gardening with children, especially younger kids who are learning their colors.

  • Red: tomato, sweet pepper, strawberry
  • Orange: cauliflower (an orange variety called Cheddar), sweet pepper, pumpkin, squash
  • Yellow: sweet pepper, tomato (Lemon Boy or Sungold), dill (flowers), squash
  • Green: fill in the blank here – there’s an awful lot of green stuff to choose from in veggies!
  • Blue: borage, lavender
  • Purple: eggplant, basil (Red Rubin), onion chives (flowers)
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