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Jun 14, 2010
Wheelbarrow gardening?
Greg Matzek  Guest Blogger 2010

Okay, I realized I don’t have much of a garden area at home to plant what I received, so I had to find a way to improvise. I thought planting in a wheelbarrow and some sort of a container (which I have no idea where it came from) might do the trick.

Things got off to a rocky start with the wheel barrow experiment, and I believe I exposed the plants to too much sun as I noticed some basil leaves were starting to fry. Immediately, I relocated the wheelbarrow to a more filtered location. Wow, did that make a huge difference … until Milwaukee weather started to resemble Seattle’s!

So, while I was able to resolve the “too much sun” issue, it seems I overlooked the drainage aspect of using a wheelbarrow — and two days of monsoon nearly flooded my plants. I swear I could just hear them screaming at me, “Hey MORON! Drain this thing!” That was the next step in ensuring I stayed on target with sustaining life versus abusing it.

All in all, the combination of warm sun and the rain we’ve had recently has been a good thing, and to my delight most of my plants are now perky and ready for the next stage in their lives … I can’t wait to see what happens next. (And on a side note, all the mulching I did over the weekend would’ve been MUCH easier had I been able to use the wheelbarrow).

Reader Comments (2)
EXCELLENT idea! I have been edible container gardening for years now, and am always on the lookout for new and fun container ideas. Tomorrow I'm going to hose off my wheel barrows and plant some seeds! :)

Happy gardening!
Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Cindy @
I love all the different colours and shapes – the Artemesia is really lovely – I just love mine too. Maybe leave it in its own pot. I have two in barrels and they do well – a bit overgrown, but I remember that they can’t just be planted into your garden because their roots can be toxic to other plants. Must do some research on that.
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | ahmedabad flowers
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