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Jun 17, 2010
Loving my garden
Megan Mahaffey  Guest Blogger 2010

I think, perhaps, we’re going to make it.

I’ve definitely lost two tomato plants, a basil and a pepper, courtesy of my darling dog, but we’re making some serious progress on the remaining plants! Our weather has improved considerably, and after a near-record series of days of rain, we’ve enjoyed some sun, and what a difference.

All of the tomatoes are displaying flowers, and one has several small, green fruits! The boxwood basil has filled out beautifully. Today, I discovered buds on the pepper plants. Now I’m excited to watch and see which plants are which!

You see, the first time I planted everything I had it all carefully labeled. I knew which tomato plant was going to produce what variety of fruit. Same with the peppers. After the series of – let’s call them adjustments, shall we? After the series of adjustments, I have no idea what’s what! The basil was easy enough, because the two varieties I had, were drastically different in appearance, but past that, I’m lost!

A few key things I’ve noticed about my wading pool garden:

1. Weeding is a breeze. Because the soil is soft and loose, the few weeds I’ve encountered have been easy to pull!

2. Mowing is a delicate process. The semi-flexible sides of the pool will give under pressure, which in turn shifts your soil. If you aren’t using a patio area, I’m going to recommend using a string trimmer; just to be sure you aren’t damaging root structures.

3. It’s easy! I was really nervous about gardening at all, because of the work involved. I work full time, and my husband and I are raising three kids. That makes for busy days. I’ve put off gardening for several years because I was afraid it would be too time consuming. It’s not – I’ve come to enjoy checking my plants in the morning while indulging in that first cup of coffee. I plan to be on the lookout for end of season sales on the pools, so I can expand next year!

Have you tried the wading pool garden? What have your results been?

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