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Aug 9, 2010
Surviving the NYC heat
Amanda Green  Guest Blogger 2010

The NYC heatwave has been hard on everyone and everything this summer, and fire escape vegetable gardens are no exception. I wouldn't say I've been remiss in blogging so much as I've been oh, trying to keep my plants from giving up on life completely.

Alas, a frozen margarita or ice cream from the Mister Softee truck isn't enough to keep a tomato plant going during the most uncomfortable days of the year.

Instead, I finally repotted everything and found some plant food sticks that seem to keep the green ones happy. I didn't do too much research, because

  1. Manhattan doesn't offer its residents an array of gardening supplies anyway, and
  2. So far, winging it has worked just fine.

The most striking part of my Burpee Home Garden experience has been how quickly my plants change. They've grown fast. When endangered by the elements, they've rebounded fast. One day, all the plants had yellowing leaves at the very least. Some curled at the edges. Others were flat and brittle, like pages of old books. Not a week later, there were new flowers. Tentative, droopy flowers, yes. But let's call a flower a flower.

Here in NYC, it's the start of a good week. I've got some new peppers outside my window. (The first one was picked for consumption at a Fourth of July barbecue out of town, and I'm letting these grow bigger before plucking them). A few days ago, the Napa hybrid grape tomatoes (right) have decided to make an appearance. They really do pop up out of nowhere — red and dramatic as a stop sign. If the weather report is right, we're even getting some rain later.

Everything is just getting started. Again.

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