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Sep 21, 2010
Move over tomato plants, it’s time for something greener
Greg Matzek  Guest Blogger 2010

Just when I thought my plants had called it quits, I was pleasantly surprised with a new member to the family. I have given birth to my first green pepper. I’m hoping for a second, but will probably have a procedure done afterwards so as to not have an accidental down the road.

Okay, that was weird.

Anyway, I’m pleased that even though I’ve picked just about all the grape tomatoes in my arsenal, and utilized all the basil in a variety of fantastic dishes, the growing continues. The summer ends rather quickly in Wisconsin, and the first frost usually occurs sometime in October and I’m doing everything I can to promote growth before all of my plants call it quits for the winter. Alright … to be honest, I’m not doing much else other than regular watering. But I haven’t had to do too much. Since my first tomato appeared a couple months ago, the growth of quality produce in my yard has been steady.

I’ve been able to use and cook with everything that has grown. I’m not home very often, and there isn’t much time to shop, so it’s nice to know I have a lot of what I need growing right in my own backyard.

Now that I have plants figured out, it’s time for a pet … then maybe children.

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