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Apr 22, 2011
Let the gardening begin!
Joe Lamp’l  Executive Producer and Host | Growing a Greener World

At the time of this writing, our "Growing a Greener World" team has been hard at work already, with eight of 26 episodes of season two already in the can. To say shooting a garden-themed series so early in the year is challenging would be an understatement! And yet our season has already been so exciting. We’ve gone behind the scenes to show you how the Northwest Flower and Garden show comes together, explored cutting edge hydroponic growing techniques, covered greenhouse growing and more. Ironically, with three months of shooting garden TV, I never got so much as a speck of dirt under my nails. What’s wrong with that picture?

But time has a way of changing everything. Last week I experienced the most glorious day of the year so far. As luck would have it, I was in Atlanta to shoot some new how-to videos for Burpee Home Gardens that you’ll be able to watch and enjoy very soon. And we picked the perfect day to kick it off: clear blue skies, warm temperatures, open beds and a few flats of Burpee Home Gardens seedlings; what could be better? With cameras rolling for these brand new exclusive videos, I demonstrated the two methods for planting tomato seedlings that would yield more drought resistant and productive plants, no matter what kind of beds you have for planting them. In another video, I covered the three most important things to creating a bountiful and manageable garden. And more videos like that will be coming soon.

In addition to these new videos, we’ve also been busy producing a brand new Burpee Home Gardens podcast series as well. And I’m so excited to say that the first few episodes are now up and ready for you to enjoy. When complete later this summer, The Burpee Home Gardens Tip of the Week Podcast will provide 26 episodes designed to give you great tips and useful information for planning and planting your garden, through every step of the process, all the way to harvest. With several episodes already available, there’s no need to wait to listen! You can find these free podcasts right now in the iTunes store by searching for Burpee Home Gardens, and soon, right here on this site as well as our official website at "Growing a Greener World" (

So now, along with great plants, we have some helpful podcasts and videos to guide and inspire you along the way, with more coming all throughout the season. I hope you’ll take a look and listen and tell us what you think. We’re excited to bring you these new tools and hope you enjoy them as much as we have making them for you.

With great plants and new resources, here’s to our best season yet.
Now go get dirty!

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Thanks for sharnig. Always good to find a real expert.
Sunday, May 22, 2011 | Lavigne
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