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May 17, 2011
We can’t wait to grow!
Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation  2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner

In just a few short days, 63 excited 3rd graders will be planting at the Salem Hills community garden. Anna, Matt, Nora and Gavin took time out of their busy school day to talk about the garden:

  • Anna can’t wait to grow tomatoes.
  • Matt would like to grow some potatoes.
  • Nora wants beans.
  • Gavin wants to grow pumpkins so he can have pumpkin pie!

These four young gardeners also talked about some challenges they think will occur for them on planting day, including some hard digging, pulling weeds and removing rocks. They said last year’s class buried a bag of chips in the garden so that they could learn about decomposition.

Finally, we picked one word to describe how we felt about the upcoming planting and Anna said, “fun,” Matt said, “exciting,” Nora said, “cool,” and Gavin said, “spectacular.” We can’t wait to get started! ~ Tracy Petersen, Recreation Superintendent, Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation

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