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Oct 21, 2011
Service through gardening
Kid Power, Inc.  2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner

As September came to a close, Kid Power celebrated the arrival of Autumn by participating in DC Public School’s “School Garden Week.” We had events planned at six of our sites such as a veggie scavenger hunt, making new signs for our gardens and scoping out sites for new gardens. Our students had a fantastic time and their signs and activities were noticed by many members of the community.

Sasha Bruce House admired our garden at Prospect Learning Center and asked us to help them out with theirs. So our program at Prospect sent some kids out to help them weed and are planning to get some gardens started in the Spring.

In sad news, our winter greens seedling struggled. As soon as their edible leaves appeared, the caterpillars ate them all overnight. We have had so much rain that my pepper spray gets washed off every day. So I’ll throw this question out to you: Is there anything else you recommend to keep the pests away?

All in all, our students love getting out in the garden and are welcoming autumn and the abundant harvest it has brought. ~ Katie Harvey, Veggie Time Director, Kid Power Inc.

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