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Dec 5, 2011
A feast of Thanksgiving
Kid Power, Inc.  2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner

Each year Kid Power hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for our students and their families and also sends home all the ingredients for a feast for some our neediest families. This year we were proud to serve several dishes at our feast prepared with vegetables from our gardens, as well as send fresh vegetables home to our families to prepare in their own feasts.

Hours before our Thanksgiving dinner, our students harvested two trash bags of radishes, carrots, turnips and greens. These were used to make Southern Style Mixed Greens, Turnip Carrot Potato AuGratin, and Blanched Green-Beans with Braised Radishes. All three dishes were a big hit and the kids were so proud to be able to share a meal with their parents that they grew, harvested and prepared themselves. The power that is sparked in those kids as they beam with pride is immeasurable and priceless.

In this season of thanks, we appreciate the gifts that our gardens have given to our students: confidence, nutrition, hope, and so much joy. ~ Katie Harvey, Veggie Time Director, Kid Power Inc.

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