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Mar 6, 2012
Students learn to garden and blog!
West End IB World School  2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner

The West End Garden Club loves to DIG!

We are the West End Garden Club. It’s raining now so we decided to blog since we can’t go outside to the garden. In our garden, we have tomatoes, basil, cabbage, collard greens and okra, and a lot of other vegetables.

So far, our favorite thing to do in the garden is DIG! We also like watching the garden grow and eating out of it – especially in the morning, during Garden Club, or anytime of day, really. We made a worm farm for our garden and that was a lot of fun, too. We also like to see all the different types of insects that live in our garden.

West End Garden Club Members: Lily (7th Grade), Charlie (5th Grade), Zion (5th Grade)

Reader Comments (1)
Here it is the first of March and I've been gardening. Planted myself some lettuce, raddish, cabbage (from seed), and kolrabi. I'll be anxious to see which one comes up first.

The white tailed deer have thoroughly had a good time eating my few strawberry plants, so I decided to cover therm with plastic. the strawberry plants had been munched all the way to the ground. I added a little compost around the berries before topping them off with plastic.

I'm experimenting with the plastic, but the strawberries are already stressed from the deer. Will be interesting to see if the plastic does any good. Also I see that my parsley is still alive and well in the veggie garden. The cilantro has seeded from last year and volunteers are everywhere.

I have purchased onion bulbs and therefore I need to work the big garden and get a row setup for the onions. Too, I still have a little chicken manure (old) in the brooder house. Best I be using it. Powerful additive, don't you agree?
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 | Country Bee
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