Mar 8, 2012
Burpee’s Backyard
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

Q: Where do gardeners get most of their garden information?

  1. Books, magazines or catalogs
  2. Online
  3. Garden centers
  4. Friends, family, neighbors, their community

If you guessed answer (D), you’re absolutely right! It’s no surprise that gardeners rely on advice and input from those closest to them - both in relation and proximity.

This spring, we’re growing your gardening community a little bigger with Burpee’s Backyard online community. Burpee’s Backyard provides gardeners of all experience levels with a place to connect, ask questions, give advice and share their gardening experiences. Get growing this season with support from gardeners across the country, beyond your region and outside your state - all as if they were in your own backyard!

Get a jump on your spring planning and planting by:

  • Joining the discussion on veggies, annuals, herbs and more
  • Engaging in zone-specific conversation relative to your USDA hardiness zone
  • Taking the weekly poll
  • Posting photos of your garden, a troubled plant, or one of you enjoying your harvest
  • Participating in members-only activities

Visit and click “Sign up now” to get started. We’ll see you in Burpee’s Backyard soon!

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