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Mar 27, 2012
Fertile soil is important to our garden
West End IB World School  2011 "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award Winner

A few weeks ago we got shovels then we started digging in one of our garden beds. We love to be outside digging. Then we put the dirt into a wheelbarrow and dumped it in a pile in a quiet spot back by some bushes. Then we sprinkled cornmeal on top of the dirt.

Next, we found a lot of worms in our garden bed and added them to the dirt pile. We put a hay bale on top of the dirt and the worms to make a worm farm. Before we put the hay bale on top, our teacher soaked it in some rainwater for a while. This will become a home for the worms. They’ll live in the hay bale and then we’ll use the castings as fertilizer to add to our garden beds. ~ West End Garden Club Members: Emmanuel, Jackson, Trace (6th Grade)

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