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Jul 26, 2012
Audio tips to help tackle Mother Nature’s challenges
Joe Lamp’l  Executive Producer and Host | Growing a Greener World

Burpee Podcast

Gardening has plenty of challenges without the added twists and turns that Mother Nature always seems to throw our way. For gardens that weather the storms, the victory is all the sweeter.

This year has seen much of Mother Nature’s mercurial moods. For much of the country, winter was extra mild, allowing many of us to get a big jump on the gardening season well before normal spring planting times. Summer, on the other hand, has offered up extra hot and dry conditions throughout much of those same areas. To me, it’s a reminder that you can never let your guard down.

For that reason, tapping into past experiences and discovering new resources is a great way to remain current, vigilant and create a garden that will weather any storm. For me, every gardening challenge Mother Nature devises is used as a valuable learning experience for the future. It’s one of the main reasons I attribute for having successful gardens today.

In addition, I’m always on the lookout for new information and ways to receive it. For me, one of the best ways to stay in the know while on the go is through podcasts. Think of them as an on-demand radio or video broadcast for your mobile device or computer. You can stream podcasts live, or download them for playback later, whenever and wherever you want. There are podcasts for virtually any subject, including gardening. A strong appreciation for the value of a well-produced podcast, combined with my experience in the garden and on my television show, led me to create three garden-related series to help make you a better, more informed gardener.

Joe Lamp'l The first series is the Tip of the Week Podcast. What makes this series unique is that each episode takes you through the entire growing season, week by week. From how to select the perfect site for your garden and preparing the soil to mid-season care and harvesting, the podcasts are packed with valuable and practical information that give you the tools to apply to any situation.

The second series, How do I Grow THAT was created to offer the most important information you need to grow common edible and ornamental plants in your garden. Many times new gardeners may want to grow a certain plant but don’t because they just don’t know how. This series takes the mystery out of growing those plants by providing the basics you need to know to grow it to perfection.

If you enjoy listening to gardening podcasts as much as I do, you also might want to check out my other podcast series, Growing a Greener World. If you’re familiar with my television series by the same name, you’ll find these audio episodes equally as interesting yet more in depth, with a good opportunity to share more than television time constraints allow. You can listen and learn more about this series here, or subscribe on iTunes.

Although there’s no better substitute for becoming a better gardener than experience, when you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, podcasts are a great and fun way to sharpen your skills and knowledge any time.

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