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Apr 22, 2013
‘Grow Anywhere Tour’ – Truckin’ to Tacoma
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

During a sunny afternoon in Tacoma, Washington, we paid a visit in the Burpee Truck to some of the wonderful teachers and students of McCarver Elementary School. Welcomed with friendship and warm-hearted hospitality, the kids greeted us as we drove through the front gates of the school.

The students were curious and very excited. They gladly asked if we needed any assistance in unloading the van. With the teamwork and leadership of the students and volunteers, we successfully organized, bagged and handed out fresh produce provided by Charlie’s Produce located near downtown Seattle. With our combined efforts, the students helped organize the crowd waiting for the Grow Anywhere Tour event to get started! The locals, with their smiling faces, went home that night with fresh vegetables and plants.

Nearly all of the vegetables were given away as well as the 500 plants that had been picked up from Van Wingerden Nursery earlier that day by friendly Burpee Home Gardens sales yep Craig Yoshida. The rest of the produce was donated to a local food pantry to further support the people of Tacoma.

Everybody at the Grow Anywhere Tour stop had an enthusiastic attitude about Burpee and growing their own vegetables this spring. McCarver Elementary School also received 50 plants to put in their community garden, which is maintained by the students and the faculty of the school. It was a pleasure meeting all of the friendly people in Tacoma. We wish you all the best!

Our next stop, a mountain-drive road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah!

Follow the truck as it travels the country this spring! Real-time updates on Twitter @BurpeeHG, #BurpeeTruck, #GrowAnywhereTour.

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