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May 22, 2013
‘Grow Anywhere Tour’ – Big Fun in Baltimore
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

Baltimore is sometimes called “Charm City” and the Burpee Home Gardens crew has to agree! We had a charming visit and saw neighborhood camaraderie as the “Grow Anywhere Tour” rolled into town to deliver free vegetable plants and fresh food to Baltimore Community High School.

First we re-visited the hard-working folks at Maryland Flower & Foliage to help supply our winning school with vegetable plants. Another stellar job growing a wide variety for the Baltimore High School neighborhood!

The Burpee Truck also stopped by the local Mars grocery to help shoppers pick out great deals on flowers and vegetable plants. So many folks were excited for warmer gardening weather and ready to plant that weekend!

As we pulled up to Baltimore Community High School we noticed tables ready and a fun welcome sign. Our team felt instant joy at the prospect of a great event. We met Laura Rabara and Ms. Linda (and a few helpful students) who we put to work filling Burpee bags with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

It wasn’t long before folks made their way to the school for their free produce and plants. Some of the kids commented as we handed out plants from the side of the #BurpeeTruck that we looked like a healthy version of an ice-cream truck! We met families, teachers, nearby tradesmen, students, and others all interested in the “Grow Anywhere Tour” and very proud that their school had won the special visit.

On behalf of Baltimore High School, Laura donated several flats of vegetables to the much-larger school garden at Holabird Academy. Their principal Anthony Ruby (pictured below) looks forward to outdoor classroom activities, and growing several kinds of tomatoes, peppers and melons with his students.

After our Friday event, the Burpee truck explored more of Baltimore. Little did we know it was “Black-Eyed Susan Day” (the state flower of Maryland, and a special weekend for the Triple Crown). Our adventures took us by Pimlico Race Course to get a glimpse of Preakness madness; past a giant pink flamingo and a carrot growing out of a building; and into the Harford neighborhood where we saw giant fruit sculptures and learned about locally-grown produce from two dedicated ladies.

The “Grow Anywhere Tour” has only two stops left. Be sure to follow the truck at Twitter @BurpeeHG and see all our previous videos here.

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