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Feb 23, 2017
Your new garden BFF: Burpee podcasts
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

Besides your trowel and clippers, the other useful tool you should take into your garden is your smartphone. That’s right! It’s a great way to have instant access to many of your gardening questions. From what to plant and when, to troubleshooting pests and disease, our Burpee Garden Help page is your fast-pass to a green thumb.

Most enjoyable and highly recommended are our audio podcasts, hosted by Joe Gardener® himself, the knowledgeable Joe Lamp’l of “Growing A Greener World” on public access TV. There are two podcast tracks to choose from featuring Joe – and they’re both FREE!

Gardening Tip of the Week takes you from start to finish through your whole vegetable growing season. Burpee kicks you off with soil prep and planning and finishes up 26 episodes later with end-of-season cleanup.

How Do I Grow That? takes a different herb, vegetable or flower each episode and gives you the run-down on tips and tricks to getting the best yield in your garden. From Artichoke to Zinnia, this A-Z podcast covers popular and challenging crops to help you garden like a pro.

Binge-listen to them all at once, or pick and choose the topics that interest you. Just be sure to bookmark our podcast page for instant access to answers. So plug in those earbuds and get started on garden success!

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