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Apr 24, 2017
Garden Project: DIY herb planters
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

We love herbs! We love their flavor, we love their fragrance, we love how you can plant them and instantly begin cutting and using them in recipes. We also love how creative we can be with herbs in containers. Here's some do-it-yourself pots and other upcycle projects to showcase your herb garden indoors or out.

Rainboots Remade
Recycle your old rainboots (child or adult sizes) with fragrant herbs! Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom so the roots don’t get waterlogged. The glossy colors would look great hanging on a fence or placed amongst your sunny flower garden, too. On the ground, a heavy stone in the bottom can help keep it from toppling over.

Hanging Herb Bundt Pan
This project makes it easy to have fresh herbs on-hand, plus it’s a whimsical way to start building your kitchen herb garden! Check out the project video here.

Coffee Cans & Mason Jars
If it makes a good storage container, it probably will grow great herbs, too! Reuse old coffee tins for your new indoor herb garden. Spray paint them in metallic gold or bronze for even more interest. Pint-size mason jars can also work well for quick herbs on your window sill. Add a few stones to the bottom of the jar to help retain moisture. Herbs like well-draining soil and saturated roots can inhibit growth.

Stack It Up
Grow up(wards) by layering planters of various sizes inside one another. For three tiers, the trick is to use five pots (two of them upside down to support the next raised tier). Check out this diagram at


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