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Apr 27, 2017
Burpee vegetables to fit your lifestyle
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

There’s been a primal resurgence lately to grow your own food, and Burpee is 100% behind it! No matter where you choose to plant your vegetables and herbs, we have a flavorful list of plants to fit your lifestyle. Check out our NEW collections below along with some of our popular choices for top-quality tastes that are easy to grow.

Foodie Fresh
The secret to great flavor is always fresh ingredients. We want to inspire your inner gourmet with a selection of vegetables to kick your recipes to another level. With these plants you can explore global flavors and discover new ways to play with your food! Be sure to also read through our #Recipes section for more chances to impress dinner guests.

Space Savers
It’s time for big taste in half the space! Don’t worry if you only have a sunny cement square for your garden. This collection is patio ready and also provides high yields of tasty veggie choices. No space? No problem!

Amazing Veggies
Going for a blue-ribbon garden? Burpee knows the best of the best and we’re sharing our favorite top-performing vegetables with you. Make that WOW statement at harvest time with these stunners for the biggest, the earliest and the most amazing quality.

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