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May 2, 2017
A Closer Look: Cupcake Summer Squash
Burpee  Edible Gardening Team Members

A young and tender summer squash is a highlight of your edible garden. This vegetable grows quickly – and impressively! – and they’re versatile enough to use in many recipes, from the savory to the sweet and satisfying.

A new variety to check out this year is Cupcake, a lovely cross between a patty-pan and zucchini. It has soft, edible skin and it’s the absolute perfect bowl shape for stuffing and WOW presentations at the dinner table. The plant is an easy one to care for and matures quickly – just like other squashes. But the fun really kicks in when it’s time to harvest.

Cupcake can activate your inner gourmet. We had a good time coming up with different ways to dress it up with stuffing options: cheeses, breads, sausage... the choices were endless! Your plants will yield several “bowls” and they range in size from 2 to 5 in. (5 to 12 cm) across. So for a dinner party or a single-serve comfort food, Cupcake can meet your needs. Check out the #Recipes tag for details.

We’ve got a helpful Burpee Podcast on how to grow summer squash here. Be sure to give this cutie a try! Order seeds from our Burpee mail-order catalog in the U.S., or look for plants at your local garden store selling our Burpee plant brand.

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