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Jun 19, 2017
Hanging basket gardens
Avery Marcott  Burpee Marketing

Gardening has been taken to new heights with the trend of balcony and container gardening. But have you ever wanted to take it a step farther? Consider hanging basket gardening! Use the space on walls or from the roof of a balcony to expand your gardening space. This open and valuable space is begging to be transformed like the rest of your balcony into a lush garden.

To make sure you get the best harvest this season, having the right hanging basket and soil will help ensure your success. Plastic hanging baskets or baskets with moss or coconut fiber liners will be great support systems for your hanging garden. Select a hanging basket that has drainage holes to allow excess water to leach out. Adding a potting soil mix to your basket will provide the proper balance of aeration and moisture retention that your vegetable plant will need to thrive in its container.

Creating a hanging basket garden is very similar to container gardening. Listen to this podcasts for helpful tips and trick for gardening in containers. Just like container gardening, watering will be needed consistently throughout the growing season. Due to the increased exposure to wind at your new gardening height, make sure to monitor moisture daily. Remember that you want to keep your baskets in a sunny location where they can get at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Selecting vegetables for a hanging basket garden can get interesting, as many plants will trail out of the basket in ways that we are not used to seeing them grow. Don’t let the traditional gardening rules hold you back from testing out new plants for hanging baskets. For tomatoes, look for tumbling and compact varieties such as Tumbler or Terenzo. Vining plants such as beans and cucumber are great options for hanging baskets. Remember to stick to compact plants that are determinate, then that sky is the limit!

Other Burpee varieties that are perfect for hanging baskets:

No matter where you live or how much space you have, a garden and fresh vegetables are at the tips of your eager green thumbs. Good luck on your hanging basket garden and happy harvesting!

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