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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden theme parties
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Looking for a new spin on the classic garden party? Check out these exciting theme ideas for your next backyard gathering.

Family fun garden party
Invite the whole family to bask in the sun and enjoy the outdoors with a family-friendly garden party. Set up a “pizza bar” where families can top their own pizzas with garden fixings, such as peppers, tomatoes, onions, oregano and basil, and then turn up the grill for tasty fire-grilled pizzas. Add fresh-picked strawberries and raspberries to lemonade, or mint and cucumber to seltzer water. Get the adults involved in a lively game of bocce ball or horseshoes while the kids play hide-and-seek or play dress up with crowns made from long-stemmed cut flowers and grasses. Beat the heat (and water the garden) by setting out a sprinkler for the little ones. Once the sun sets, bring out the marshmallows for a tasty bonfire experience, or set up a projection screen and bring out the popcorn for a late-night movie in the garden.

Tasty treats garden party
Let guests enjoy the fruits of your labor firsthand in a culinary-themed garden party. Incorporate veggies, fruits and herbs from the garden into snacks like salsa and dips and drinks like refreshing cocktails or punch. Conduct a blindfolded taste test for guests to guess the herb or tell which tomato is homegrown. Then for the main event, host a grill-off where guests can try their hands at creating an award-winning burger, sandwich or kebab that includes fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, peppers, onions or summer squash perfectly seasoned with spices and herbs. For dessert, top ice cream or cupcakes with basil or mint leaves, and send guests home with a jar full of homemade sauce or a package of herbed butter or sea salt.

Elegant garden party
Enjoy a touch of class with an elegant garden party. Incorporate pressed flowers to party invitations and place cards. For table decoration, combine small containers of low-growing flowers with scented flowering herbs, like lavender, to dress up casual garden tables. Or, place cut flowers in recycled wine bottles or jars intermixed with bug-repelling candles. Dress up casual garden furniture or folding chairs with outdoor pillows or cushions, and hang outdoor garden lights to create a quaint atmosphere. Line garden walkways with bug-repelling citronella candles to light the way as you invite guests to stroll through your outdoor oasis. Don’t stress over dinner. Make dishes like salads and cold soups ahead of time so you can enjoy the time with your guests. Try a sophisticated, healthy dessert like grilled fruit kebabs, and be sure to add fruit fresh from the garden to chilled sangria or lemonade for a delicious and refreshing beverage throughout the day and night.

If you’re not the one entertaining this summer, consider taking along a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or a basket of vine-ripened produce and herbs as a hostess gift to share your garden bounty.

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