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Apr 21, 2017
Tomato-planting tips
Tiffany Heater  Account Manager | Burpee

April is way too early to be planting where I live in New Jersey, but we have had such a mild spring I couldn’t resist planting up just one container when I received my Take 2 tomato combos yesterday. If we get a cold snap, I can just pull it in the house, right? While I was planting, a few tomato planting tips came to mind that still apply when planting two tomatoes in one pot:
Pick the right varieties: I wouldn’t recommend planting just any two tomato varieties in one pot. Burpee’s Take 2 combos have been trialed and tested to be compatible in their growth habit and their harvest window. You will be able to harvest slicer and cherry tomatoes at the same time from just one container in about 65 days from transplanting! 

Choose the right container: Bigger is always better when it comes to container gardening because it leaves more room for the roots. And we all know more roots means more tomatoes! The container I used was about 18-in. across, but if you have a larger pot like an old whiskey barrel you will probably grow more tomatoes than me!
Use good dirt: When planting containers you want to opt for a nice fluffy potting soil that holds moisture and allows the roots to get to where they need to go. I prefer organic without any fertilizers added ahead of time.
Plant them deep: It is still a good idea to plant your tomatoes deep even when there are two of them. I removed about half of the lower leaves and buried my stems, just leaving about half of the plant above the soil. All of those tiny hairs along the stem will become roots. Again, more roots will let us have a larger plant above ground, and therefore more tomatoes!
Don’t forget to water: I gave my Take 2 combo a good soaking after I planted it. In the summer when things really heat up it will be important to water daily so my plants don’t dry out.
Fertilize: Organic is always best! Follow the instructions on the label on how often to reapply fertilizer as different brands will vary, but as a rule of thumb I try and remember to fertilize at least once per month during the growing season.
Admire: Don’t forget to sit back and admire all your work as you enjoy your tomatoes in an Easy Caprese Salad or Tomato Pie!

For more info on the history and origin of these combos check out this blog post:


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