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May 16, 2017
A Closer Look: Pesto Party Basil
Scott Mozingo  Product Manager, Burpee

As a product manager for the Burpee plant program, I try not to pick favorite plants because it’s kind of like picking your favorite pet or your favorite kid. All of our products are great for one reason or another and it’s not fair to say I like something more than something else. So I won’t say that Pesto Party basil is my favorite basil, but I will say it’s in the Amazing collection for a reason.

The breeder who started working on this basil had an idea in mind. Knowing that the quality of basil leaves declines when the plants start to flower, he set out to create a basil that would delay flowering as long as he could, but still be able to have the plants flower and make seeds. Along the way, he bred in compactness that lead to more leaves and also bred in disease resistance.

What he ended up with is a dark green plant with short nodes and lots of foliage that resists fusarium and has a strong tolerance to Basil Downy Mildew — all while keeping that great sweet basil flavor.

If you’re a big fan of fresh basil on caprese salad, or you love a good pesto, ask for Burpee’s new Pesto Party Basil at your favorite garden center. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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