Year-round herbs

Tim Duffin - Brand Manager
Friday, August 24, 2018

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie: I grow tomatoes, peppers – both sweet and hot – and of course I grow lots of herbs. My favorite herbs include Burpee’s Pesto Party and their Rosemary. But I also grow Sage, Thyme and Parsley (There is a song in there somewhere).

I use my Burpee basil in my eggs, and I incorporate rosemary into most of my meat dishes, whether it’s pork, beef or chicken. Sage I grow for my roasted squash – it’s a perfect Fall meal. There really is something cool about going out to my deck and cutting the herbs I want to use when I want to use them. And sometimes I just like to shake my herb plants and smell the wonderful aroma. But here’s the rub (pun intended) I want fresh herbs all year-round not just in the Spring and Summer.

My good friends at Burpee understand my need, and they have created a year-round fresh herb program called Fresh Flavors. Their Fresh Flavors herbs are available in many grocery stores – especially in the northeast. They can be found in the fresh produce aisle and they come in a pot with a sleeve. The sleeve takes the place of the plant label and it provides all the information you need to take care of your year-round herbs. The sleeve even provides you with a recipe just in case you need another way to enjoy your Burpee herbs.

Once you get your Burpee Fresh Flavors herbs home, put them in your favorite pot(s) and then find a sunny spot for their forever home. Remember your herbs can be part of your menu as well as part of your décor. And don’t worry about using your herb plant too much. Burpee will make more.

Below I’ve included some of Burpee’s favorite recipes using herbs from Fresh Flavors. Enjoy!

Easy Caprese Salad

Herbed Sea Salt

Summer Squash With Mustard Butter

Basil Pesto

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